Fear of Failure

Embrace your failure and nothing can hurt you. That’s what I learned by so many things that were getting in the way of my success simply because I wasn’t good at them. It’s one thing when others tell you that you can’t do it. It’s another thing when you tell yourself you can’t do it.… More Fear of Failure

Neverhood Watercolors

Long before the Neverhood was a clay animated game, it was a bunch of paintings I did for a few San Diego art shows in the late 80s. I’m going back to my roots by making a few watercolors of my favorite clay land, the Neverhood. Hall of Records, 2.5″ x 3.5″ on 140 lb… More Neverhood Watercolors

Everyone Should Draw

I’m a big fan of art for the fun of it. I think everyone should own a sketchbook, and everyone should draw, even it’s not what you think is good. It’s therapeutic and unlike music that sounds terrible when played by a beginner, people who just start drawing almost always come up with something pretty… More Everyone Should Draw

Kickstarter Watercolors

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tennapel/make-100-doug-tennapel-original-watercolor-inks/ Click the link to check out my new Kickstarter. I’m putting together a bunch of original watercolors for fans of my work. I get it if you feel bothered by Kickstarter posts, not everyone is into them, but at the least I hope you enjoy looking at these tiny watercolor paintings.

Doug TenNapel’s Unifying Theory of Everything; Beginning Middle and End

I’ve been lecturing on story for over twenty years. That doesn’t make me good at story because I’ve seen many people who have lectured on story for over twenty years who don’t know what they’re talking about. But one thing I can say about my story-telling thoughts is that they work… and that they are… More Doug TenNapel’s Unifying Theory of Everything; Beginning Middle and End

A Friend of the Arts

It is a stereotype that the artist works alone. While we do spend a lot of time alone in a studio with only the beat of the ceiling fan to keep us company, we also need other people. Consider the classic loners from Van Gogh to Robin Williams, they wouldn’t have made it into the… More A Friend of the Arts

Planning a Koi Pond

As I ink this new graphic novel, my mind wanders to how I need to reorganize the backyard. Don’t get the wrong picture of me, I’m about as adept at backyard work as I am at flying a plane, but I do large, physical projects to pretend to be a functioning adult. Last summer I… More Planning a Koi Pond